Administrative Section

Road map to reach Divisional Secretariat

  • about 300m in Minuwangoda- veyangoda raod right hand side in front of minu/ Nalanda boys college

Inquiries on Division No of Grama Niladhari

  • Division Numbers of Grama Niladhari for 121 Grama Niladhari Divisions in this divisional Secretariat

should be owner of the business attend when the registration is done?

  • Owner of the business should be compulsory and his/her NIC should be presented.

what are the necessary documents should be presented when a pawning or accounts of deceased are processed?

  • Death certificate of the deceased
  • Relevant documents to be proved the relationship with the applicant(birth certificate,Marriage certificate)
  • if other members are available No objections should be proved by an affidavit  for the relevant items.
  • National identity card

what are the documents should be submitted to change the names of the electricity bills

  • Deeds to be proved the ownership of the place
  • The letter of ownership issued by urban council or housing development Authority
  • National identity card
Social Services Section

Nutrition allowance of Rs 20,000 to pregnant and lactating mothers

  • The Applications can be collected from the responsible officer of the program or the early childhood development officer in the relevant maternity clinic of your divisional secretariat before exceeding 3rd month of the pregnancy

who are the persons capable of getting educational bursaries

  • School children whose fathers are dead or diagnosed with non curable diseased can have this bursary

How to register non - government  organization

  • The non government organization exceeded one year after beginning can be registered by submitting relevant documents.

How to get the Samurdhi benefit

  • newly currently new comers are not allowed and appeals are taken over for future negotiations.

what are the necessary qualifications for the elders donations

  • Age should be more than 70 on the date the applicant applies
  • Family income should be minus Rs 3000 
  • either the wife or husband can apply for the donation.
Additional District Registrar section

How to get copies of birth,marriage and Death certificates

  • if the date and Number of the certificate are known Rs 100.00 is charged.
  • if the above specifications are not provided Rs.200.00 is charged 
  • if only the birth ,marriage or death is occurred in Gampaha district the relevant certificates can be collected from the Minuwangoda Divisional Secretariat.

How to register a birth

  • New Birth should be registered, under the birth registrar in the relevant division before exceeding  three months for the birthday.
  • Birth registration of exceeded 3 months,necessary information should be inquired by meeting additional district registrar

How to commit amendments in the birth certificates

  • Meet your A.D.R. with the relevant documents

Pensions Branch

How to get W.N.O.P after death of civil servants first

  • Termination pension after getting death certificate of the desessed
  • Submitting letters to the banks if exceeded amount is deposited
  • Lefting know the relevant person to provide following documents
    • Original death certificates
    • Original birth certificates of widow
    • Original of the marriage certificate
    • Photo copy of bank pass book of widow
    • Photo copy of N.I.C. of widow
    • Photo copy of W.N.O.P or W.N.O.P no
    • Passport size colored photo certified by Grama Niladari
    • Photo copies of above mentioned documents should be certified by the Grama Niladari
  • File should be in process to necessary steps after relevant information submitted

why the pension is terminated

  • Terminating pension due to unavailability of life certificate for the relevant year
  • Life certificate should be handed over after attending the pensioner and he is informed to be certified by the Grama Niladari
  • Pension should be updated after the life certificate is returned

Why the pension is not continued and prolonged to the for heires of the family after widow is not available

  • According to the WNOP act, if a due salary or deficit of the pensioner that amount can’t be credited to the for heires and no legal allocations is allocated when the pensioner is not available



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